Econofire flat pack 2 pices

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The EconofireTM stove is Envirofit’s newest efficient clean energy cookstove designed for safety and stability. This stove combines our industry-leading clean combustion technology into a rugged, sturdy, portable solution that is easy to assemble, use, and clean. The EconofireTM is crafted with a low center of gravity for rigorous cooking and is made with a heavy-duty wire frame to create a barrier from the hot surface of the combustion chamber. The pot support rail can accommodate a range of different round or flat-bottomed cooking pots from a tea kettle to a stock pot. Designed with the highest quality safety and performance standards, our compact knockdown design allows for maximized transport and on-site assembly.

3 KW heat output

Gewicht 2,4 kg.

Width x height x depth (mounted)37 cm. x 24.5 cm. x 37 cm.

in consumer box

to adjust by itself to the smallest wood stove worldwide

flat pack two stove not mounted